The Collection


The nineteenth century

Lombard painting and Divisionism

The 19th-century section comprises a very important group of paintings and sculptures.
The high points of the collection are reached in the sphere of Lombard painting, with works by leading figures in the schools of Naturalism, including Leonardo Bazzaro, Mosè Bianchi, Filippo Carcano, Eugenio Gignous, Emilio Gola and Pompeo Mariani, and Divisionism, which brought Italian artists into line with the European colleagues. The masters represented here include Emilio Longoni, Angelo Morbelli, Gaetano Previati and Giovanni Segantini, with an early work.

Landscape painting

The 19th-century section of paintings and sculptures comprises a very important series of landscapes and urban scenes, especially those set in Milan, by such masters of Italian romantic landscape painting as Luigi Bisi, Carlo and Giuseppe Canella and Giovanni Migliara. The works by Francesco Hayez and Giuseppe Molteni can be regarded as masterpieces.

Painting of the Risorgimento

The often monumental compositions of the brothers Domenico and Gerolamo Induno, Sebastiano De Albertis and Eleuterio Pagliano document the successive phase of painting bound up with the struggle for national independence and unification, including the epic subject of battles and others of a domestic and intimate nature.

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