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Innsbruck (Austria), Imperial Palace -

The poetry of interiors

Ragazza alla finestra
Ragazza alla finestra

The poetry of interiors. Works of the nineteenth century

The exhibition is devoted to 19th-century Italian interiors and examines a range of private and public places in which not only the Italian aristocracy but also the middle and lower classes led their lives.
The event is hosted in the magnificent setting of the Imperial Palace of Innsbruck and features three paintings from the Cariplo Collection: Nomellini Plinio, ’Girl in the Window’; Gaetano Chierici, ’Lesson in the Monastery’; Mosè Bianchi, ’Cloister’.


Lezione al convento


Gaetano Chierici 'Lesson in the Monastery'



Mosè Bianchi ’Cloister

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